Opportunity: Chief Evangelist, Emerging Technologies Division, EMC Corporation

You might be a little too jaded to “change the world”, but it’s important to you to make a difference in a customer’s initiatives, driving them towards success. An ideal job for you is one where you are challenged, but relatively autonomous. Where you can work with or for high caliber industry veterans who are leading, not following. You are also a leader and not a follower and are keen to get out there and prove yourself, while continuing to learn and absorb from those around you.

This position is for a Chief Evangelist, reporting to cloud pioneer, Randy Bias. You will supplement Randy’s mission of changing the perception of EMC, both within and without the organization, challenging the status quo, educating customers, engaging with open source communities, and looking for opportunities to drive thought-leadership through “a-ha moments”. You will travel anywhere from 25-50% per month, depending largely on workload. Some international travel is required.

Personal Attributes:

  • Demonstrated ability to develop a plan of action from a set of goals, manage the work and report candidly on what’s working and what’s not along the way
  • Diligent, responsible, and pro-active communicator
  • Your idea of fun is personal development and/or operations projects on your free time, be it fiddling with Raspberry Pis, contributing to your own open source projects, or doing cloud experiments
  • You have hobbies that stretch your thinking beyond tech, and you understand how they can help you solve problems in technology

Soft Skills:

  • Very comfortable presenting, speaking, and engaging with public communities
  • Strong customer engagement and listening skills
  • Can build and modify presentations solo
  • Comfortable piloting spreadsheets or plotting when you want to create “show me” graphs
  • Comfortable creating demos and demo code from scratch
  • Bonus: you have worked in startup and big company environments

Technical Skills:

  • Foundational understanding of a low level procedural programming language such as C
  • Intermediate ability to code in the OO language of your choice: Python, Ruby, Java, etc.
  • Strong understanding of distributed systems and cloud-native application architectures
  • Strong understanding of AWS including EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, and ECS
  • Have contributed at least bug fixes to an open source project
  • Intermediate understanding of common “DevOps” tool chains such as configuration management tools, CI/CD systems, PaaS, and the like
  • Have run a 24x7x365 Internet-based service in production before, while being in the on-call “pager duty” rotation
  • Familiarity with containers, hypervisors, storage systems, networking, automation systems, OS kernels, and most of the elements of the “Infrastructure-as-a-Service” stack
  • Bonus: Familiarity with functional languages
  • Bonus: familiarity with Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and/or OpenStack

Resumes to my [email protected]