Ever wonder if EMC can bring the “wow”? We are this time at OpenStack Summit in Barcelona. I personally provided feedback and input into all of the EMC submissions this time around, helping increase the quality and the focus on solving problems and making OpenStack awesome instead of EMC products. I think, if you spend the time looking through this list you will be impressed with what you see from our team!

Overall, the EMC team has submitted 25 speaking proposals. As you’d expect, there are a few that deal with our contributions to the OpenStack’s core storage technologies, but we’re also offering useful tutorials and insights into networking, operations, Platform-as-a-Service (Paas), containers, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and much more. There are even sessions that are perfect for OpenStack newcomers, as well as debunking persistent OpenStack myths.

There are 1,557 speaking proposals for Barcelona, a Summit record. That’s even more impressive when you consider that an individual can be listed as a speaker in a maximum of three sessions. The diversity of speakers and topics on display at Summit is a testament to the community’s growth, diversity and global growth.

You can help decide which of these are selected for the ~300 available slots. First, you’ll need to register as an OpenStack community member (if you’re not one already). There are a bunch of great sessions to browse through, sorted by category. Just go to the Summit voting site, login and follow the super-simple voting instructions. Below is a list of the EMC sessions under consideration.

To vote for them, simply use the search function on the voting page to look them up.

Copy/paste makes things faster. 😊

Storage & Architectural Decisions

  • Cinder Next : Towards “Truly Software Defined Storage” Controller
  • Reconciling Infrastructure Limitations With Cloud Native & DevOps Challenges
  • Tenancy Data Backup Beyond Freezer & Raksha
  • Will the real OpenStack Backup Solution Please Stand Up?

Operations War Stories

  • Tales from the field: OpenStack problems and solutions from user’s point of view
  • Troubleshooting Neutron: Physical and Virtual Networks

How To & Best Practices

  • Cinder Project Update
  • Reality Check for OpenStack and CloudFoundry: Perfect Marriage or Divorce in the Making
  • OpenStack Troubleshooting for beginners
  • Hello World for Murano – end to end process in a Docker container and more
  • Getting the Most Out of Rally for Improving Scaling Behavior
  • Utilizing an Infrastructure-Based Approach for Easier Deployment of OpenStack
  • Got Backup? Hybrid Backup for Hybrid Cloud

Developer & Ops Tools

  • Using Kibana & ElasticSearch with OpenStack
  • OpenStack Tempest and REST API Testing
  • Increase Utilization Without Killing Your SLAs
  • Accelerate the OpenStack Root Cause Analysis
  • Toolkit Tips to Free DevOps Teams from Dependency Hell
  • Utilizing an Application-Based Approach for Easier Deployment of OpenStack

Evaluating OpenStack and Getting Started

  • MythBusting OpenStack
  • The Good, Bad and Ugly: OpenStack Consumption Models
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Big Data / Cloud App Development

  • Avoiding Datageddon: Ensuring availability as data growth multiplies
  • Build the Artificial Intelligence Cloud – Provision and Manage TensorFlow cluster with OpenStack
  • Quick Start Guide for OpenStack developers

Voting is open now and the deadline for voting is August 8th at 23:59 PDT. Your vote helps track chairs make the tough choices about which sessions to select, so start browsing and voting today!